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West Street Store Reopened!

My hosting site was down all day yesterday, so I’m missing a bunch of emails. Including this one. But this is good to hear!
Not sure if that upsets me, or not. I mean, you’ve got two, and I’ve got one. I don’t know if I want EVERYONE to have one, or not.

I think PRS should only make West Streets. It’d make things easier for me.

Besides, it’s more about the name... I mean, what would a shoe, liquor, or hardware store be that doesn’t sell those things?

Two West Streets, when some of us don’t have one!;)

I lucked into both of them.
The first time I went to a liquor store, I didn’t notice the spelling. Huge disappointment!

That’s like the joke about the lady who called her husband “Southern Comfort” and her friend remarked:

“”Isn’t that some kind of fancy liquor?!”

To which the lady replied:

“Mmmm, mmmm!”
Maybe this means the hat and shirt I ordered will be shipped. I didn’t realize the store was closed when I made the order.
Excuse the late add to this one. The Store isn't taking any orders for addresses outside the US.

I assume this is still due to shipping restrictions from the virus lockdown. When will the store ship internationally again ? Anyone word on that?