Were your parents into rock music?

My parents were born in 1925 and 1926.

My Mother was far more progressive than my Father.
They both grew up with the Big Bands, Sinatra, Crosby, Como, etc.

The second LP vinyl album that I bought was an Elvis platter.
The brood came home from school one day and caught Mom listening to Elvis on the stereo. When asked if she liked "The King" she said, "Yes, but DON'T tell your Father".

Mom ALSO got tickets and took my next-in-line sister and first cousin to Shea to see the Beatles. She secretly liked the Fab 4, too.

I must be as old - or older than a lot of your parents.
Mine were born in the 30's, yet I am a child of 1967. It was folk and bluegrass, they were also musicians.

Went on a Ray Stevens jag when I was 10, got the Beatles Yellow Submarine record at 12, and at 14 from Kmart it was the first Black Sabbath album purchased uneasily by Mom! She regretted that 'cos then I literally started checking out records from the Library...Thin Lizzy, Thunder and Lightning (God Damn it's so exciting, it hits you, like a hammer, God Damn!), they went nuts when I played that on the high end stereo in the family room.

Thanks for triggering that memory...into Rock music they were not!!
I know some of you here (maybe most!) are much younger than me. So I'm sure for some of you the answer is a big yes.

I was 10 when the Beatles first appeared on Ed Sullivan in 1964. Dad was 39 and mom was 36. They recognized right away the Beatles were very different but they really didn't care for their music at the time. In later years they came to appreciate their music from the laid back instrumental orchestral records they listened to. Fact is mom once said "you can always tell when it's a Beatles song."

I remember playing "Tommy" by the Who when it first came out. My mom was sitting in the living room with me and she really liked the Overture and the next song 21 a lot. I remember that very well.

By and large they really didn't care for rock at all, but surprisingly my dad really liked a few things by the Doors. I think it's because dad used to play the piano, so things like "The Chrystal Ship" and "Whiskey Bar" and "People Are Strange" were a few he liked.

So for the most part, mom and dad enjoyed just a few snippets here and there with rock music but it really wan't their thing.
Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, Conway Twitty, Merle Haggard, Tammy Wynette…
My Mom liked pretty vanilla music (other than Elvis). My Dad liked great songwriters and introduced me to some of them. He surprised me when he loved Meatloafs Bat outa Hell album and he also liked John Lennon (not so much the Beatles). Although there was never a lot of music in my home and neither of my parents were musical. I started to really get into music around 8 year old or so and when I heard rock music I was hooked. I always seemed to listen to music that older kids liked versus my peer group. My son has followed in my footsteps and loves music asa well.