Well I heard a rumour that...


Plank Spanker
Apr 26, 2012
Down under, down under
Ok how about a bit of fun? Make up a rumour about PRS (the guitars, amps or company, leave the man outta this one), the crazier the better! Remember this is all in good fun and none of it is to be taken seriously.

I heard that PRS are intentionally dropping a few of their quality control checks to "be more like the competition"...
PRS has re-purchased the original factory in Annapolis and will be producing 1985 reissue electrics on the original equipment.
gibson buys prs, paul starts new adventure and designs coolest spatula on the planet, gibson halts prs production and next day announces they are once again number 1 guitar company!
PRS believes Carbon Fibre Banjo Ukeleles with Auto-Tune technology is the future

Artist Package upgrades include a digital freestanding lampost incase a certain little lady walks by or an an Artist Grade '50 top' made from fifty shades of grey (Dubbed the 'erotica top' in an attempt to appeal to the ladies) and buffed to perfection by a break dancing Emperor Penguin.
I heard a rumor the Paul Smith is actually Dr. Drew and that his entire company is a coverup for his addiction to Brazlian Rosewood. Skitchy is actually in charge of interventions.

Paul Smith:

Dr. Drew:
How about a few I've really been told by salesmen at Guitar Center, though not at the same time:

"No PRS guitars are really made in the US, they are all made in China or Korea."
"All PRS designs are copies of Gibson models. The doublecut is a design Gibson didn't use because it's so ugly and unbalanced."
"PRS buys all of the wood they use from Gibson, it's the wood Gibson rejected, they sell it to PRS."
^ that can't be true?!

I heard through a thin wall that all employees will receive a shiny new Starla in a finish of their choice AND have their chairs upgraded to Herman Millers.

I also have heard, but cannot confirm, that Paul can HEAR the difference between truss rod cover fonts.