We got a "Tiger by the Tail" Pauls now at Guitar Maverick!


Authorized PRS Dealer
Authorized PRS Dealer
Apr 22, 2013
Just received this Wild Cat Yellow Tiger Pauls Guitar at Guitar Maverick! The top on this guitar is well... AMAZING! This has an stunning colorful Brazilian Fretboard that really rocks!.. USA Only as you know! Give us a call or check us out on facebook.com/guitarmaverick or on our website www.guitarmaverick.com
Really with all the great guitars out there, if you haven't given one of these a go then you don't know why Paul is playing them
She has turned around and coming back to the store in Mid shipment as it appears the buyer changed his mind...if you wanted her its your lucky day!
So She is available!!
I am on the HUNT for another...that has now already shipped and also headed to the store...
The new one appears to be much darker (almost Orange Tigerish... in the photo from PRS) but we will post pics as soon as she arrives.
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Update, this one is AVAILABLE!