Wah Sound From Silver Sky Bridge


New Member
Sep 23, 2019
Hello Everyone,

I have a Silver Sky guitar and have something weird going on. About a year ago, I got this guitar and didn't really understand tremolo systems - always been a McCarty player. My instinct was to loosen everything, put the 6 tremolo screws down and bring it back to flatten the bridge onto the body. Obviously, this was not a good idea. So, after doing some research, I took my scale, measured and adjusted the screw heights and brought the bridge back to being "decked". All seemed fine after doing this.

Moving forward, the last few days I have noticed that if I play a note on the high E-string and press on the back of the bridge (as if to push it closer to the body), that this wah sound happens. I also notice this wah sound when I engage the tremolo away from the body.

If I play a note on the B-string, it doesn't seem to happen.

Is it possible the trem screw for the E-string is not high enough?

Anyone have any ideas how to troubleshoot this?