Vintage Trouble - Mountain Stage


Zombie Four, DFZ
Apr 28, 2012
Back in March, I went to see a taping of Mountain Stage, the NPR program, featuring Vintage Trouble. It aired a couple weeks ago and was finally posted on their archives page at Not sure about the show that aired, but the archive has the full show.

Also on the show were Robben Ford (I was really disappointed in that set - bad sound, amp way too loud, and jazz), Mieka Pauley (who I loved), Steve Forbert (really cool acoustic set) and Milo Greene.

Vintage Trouble's set only lasted five songs, but it was pretty good. I talked to Nalle Colt after the show and I told him how good everything sounded where we were. He said, "Really? That wasn't my amp, just a rented POS." Not that you could tell.