Video Review of a Special Private Stock I found in Japan

I love the guitars they have in Japan but can never convince them to brave the CITES hoop for me. Bummer. :(
Beautiful guitar...congrats!
Thanks for the cool video.
Beautiful guitar and great video! I always enjoy videos of Private Stocks. Seems like we usually only get to see photos of them, so when a video pops up and you're able to see the characteristics of the woods and coloration change as the guitar moves, well it's a treat.

Thanks for sharing!!!
Awesome! Thanks for sharing the video and congrats on the killer guitar!
great story and guitar!!

I am a custom 24 guy and have three. Was a LP guy like you prior to PRS. My p24 trem is thicker but not single cut thickness, not much of a noticeable tone difference.
Very curious to hear a cu24 with a pattern neck and sc thickness in person.
Thanks all for the kind words. It really does sound very different ( as I may said in the video). I don't know whether my mind is pre-clouded by tone wood assumptions, but it is one thick sounding guitar, almost like it had a HFS, but with a lot more clarity.
Also, yes I wish there were a lot more videos of Private stocks. Seeing so many, as I have browsed all over Japan, has been a dream