Vernon Reid / Doug Wimbish rig rundowns


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Jan 9, 2015
Wilmette, IL
Epic stuff. Mad scientists. Wizardry.

Vernon talks about his PRSs and his monstrous setup.

Billy Cox shows up for the bass rundown and the host basically sits back and lets them go. Watch for the end when Doug reveals the finish on his 5string.

Watching now... LOVE the look of Vernon's Vela since first hearing about it last year. But never knew the details. V neck? Synth pickup? Not crazy about the Floyd, but a great gear clip. Those guys were scary gearheads 25 years ago, nothing has changed :D
I really appreciate how players like Vernon Reid and others have incredible gear assembled for performance use.
I had tried to keep a large arsenal of gear but when I played out, it got out of hand. I was midi to a refrigerator-sized rack and had regular gear tied into it, but I wound up tweaking constantly and not enjoying playing, due to the distraction of the gear always needing adjusting.

The simpler I kept my setup, the more I enjoyed playing. I think that players do go through periods of experimentation trying to find what gear they like to use and at what point they reach maximum input or overload.

If I ever had roadies to work with, I might have gotten more complicated, but never having had that luxury, I kept down-sizing until I reached the point where I could get all the sounds I needed for a specific job without the complication involved, which if it started acting up during a job, I didn't have to stop playing and start pulling cables to bypass the trouble and keep playing.
HOLY CRAP!!!! That's a LOT of stuff on stage!!!!!
ok, that was a VERY cool video. First of all, I love those guys and they're great players, but they sure seem cool and generous with their time and were a great interview. Billy Cox??? BONUS!!! Anybody who played with Jimi is gold in my book.
What a great video that was - thanks so much for linking it!

They do the equivalent of taking a whole studio on the road, don't they? Amazing. And such creative, talented guys.
Great video but that is his touring rig. His studio rig is three times the size of the one on the video. Oh and he is an amazing guitarist.