Vela Junior (Single Pickup Vela)

Delusioned Angel

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Mar 26, 2022
Just finished setting my Vela up with a single bridge pickup and a volume knob. Just wanted to share in case anyone else wanted to do the same and were curious what it would look like, couldn't find any images of anyone who had done it before when I looked :)

I see a bridge upgrade on there, too--is that a string-through?
Still a top loader, don't remember the brand. Just didn't like the feel of the factory bridge saddles under my hand, so swapped it out.

Badass! What pickup you got in the bridge there ?

I don't think I've ever seen a vela with birds before?
Lollar P90, very much going for the LP JR vibes. Birds were an order option for a couple of years of the Vela's production I believe, then they dropped the option. I don't think the take rate was very high, you don't see them pop up for sale nearly as often as the dot inlay versions.

Love the mod. What year is the Vela?
Hell yeah! That is slick looking. No question on how to operate it. Plug it into a one knob amp like a Epiphone Valve Junior and it'll be like a rocket ship.

Thanks for sharing this!!! The Cyclops!
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