Vela finishes - Satin or gloss? Tone or feel/resonance difference?

That satin will wear and relic on its own. Less so if you’re a delicate, gentle picker. More if you play it like a rock star. Me personally, I’d go satin on a Vela semi hollow and let it age naturally. If it’s like the old core satin standard, you can de-gloss shiny spots with super fine steel wool, just barely touch it to the wood and go in the direction of the grain. Have a bit of a hankering for the satin white and play it til it looks like an old fence post.
This isn't helping. lol. I just went to their site. They have a number that might look really good! I'll have to see if you can get samples like you can from WD. The black-copper and black-gold sparkle look good on this guitar from my photoshop mockups.

I’d love to see those mock-ups. :)
Oh, 1 thing I didn't think about until perusing the threads xjbebop posted is the neck finish. The gloss Velas have the gloss neck finish, where the satin ones have a satin neck finish. I much prefer a satin neck. Most of my recent guitar purchases have been raw roasted maple or raw wenge necks, and I really like those. You can't really have a raw mahogany neck w/o risking issues, so a satin neck would be the closest.

Anyone swapped out the pickguard on theirs? I was considering a black satin and swapping out to a tortoise pickguard, along the lines of this, or perhaps Black Abalone (that has shades of blue in it - leaning toward the tortoise though):

I think that looks great. Then beat on it till it looks like nels clines jm :D