Using the pickup bobbin instead of the pole piece for pickup height


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Aug 6, 2022
Why does PRS recommend using the pickup bobbin instead of the pole piece to set factory specs? Most tutorials recommend using the pole piece. I anticipate that some of the responses will be "just use your ear." For my own edification and DIY setups I'm just curious if one of you brilliant people would have insight into PRS's philosophy. Thanks for the responses, I've considered posting this question for a really long time!
I am not sure why they recommend it but that is how I have done it for a long time. The pole pieces are typically level with the top of the bobbin so it is kind of the same, except when talking about single coils with staggered pole pieces. I set the pickup height by the bobbin or cover then raise any pole pieces that may be needed to balance things out.

I set single coils pretty much the same way except with most you can't adjust the pole pieces. They are staggered to give the effect that the winder intended. Once the top of the bobbin or cover is set the pole pieces should be where they were meant to be.