USA Guitars/PRS Core out of reach?

I don't know guys. I've worked in civil engineering for over 20 years so for me it's more of a value add proposition. In these terms, a new core level guitar will almost never be worth the money asked for it. The used prices are much more reasonable in terms of what you get IMO. On top of this, the limited amount of time I have to play makes greater than $2,000 guitars not worth it for me.

If you have a lot of money kicking around and the time to play, why not buy a private stock or core guitar, but for me, it takes quite a bit of time to reach the $2,000 spare cash to myself level, so I like to spread it around a bit. I'll admit, I did buy two PRS last year, a PRS SE Custom 24 in April ($830) and a PRS S2 Standard Metallic in November ($850) but I spread the cash out over the course of the year. There's also other things I want to buy personally so I don't want to put all that money into one instrument right now. Maybe years down the road, but not now.

Still, no matter how much money you have, there's always another tier of guitar that you won't be able to afford. The OP should just buy used if they are so fixated on US guitars.

Why are some of you guys even giving this serious responses?

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This thread was not meant to be a "troll" thread. So please quit referring to it as such. It was a candid discussion.