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See post 35.

Your turn. :)



If it was here, it would be in! Don't think it will be here before I go away for work, so possibly 6 weeks from now for install. I'll just post up a NGD then shall I?
I was told by Mr. Meader that McCarty's were not available in Royal Blue, but I have one. Does that count?

Counts in my book...

...especially my Royal Blue McCarty; Brazilian Limited #001/500 (First one and the ONLY RB one in the run), with a 10-top quilt (not offered in a production model prior to this), IRW neck and Split-able #7's in it!

Pre PS, koa top CE with birds

A dealer in AZ has a couple of these spec'd CE's from a Japanese run that never made it overseas and its been a serious white whale for me..... mmmm, koa.