Ugh... it's tax day...

I know your pain! I sent in the equivalent of a New CU24 10 Top and a Used CU24 10 Top last night to Uncle Sam. I did manage to get the equivalent of a used SE CU24 out of the state of at least I've got that going for me......
Managed to structure things to get a fairly large tax refund. Unfortunately, 85% of it will go towards covering the first quarter of estimated taxes for 2017. So no near term plans to fund a NGD.
Self employed so I send in the big payment every April. This year was equivalent to several private stocks lol. Pain....
Try playin' banjo in a pro bluegrass band for a couple of years.
Believe me, you will not have to worry about income tax.
I take all deductions I'm entitled to for band and work and it helps our tax liability but My wife is a real estate broker so we pay dearly. It really really hurts to write those checks.