Two PRS reviews from N Stuff Music


PRS Addiction
Jun 27, 2012
Auburn, WA. USA
They do pretty good reviews on guitars, been watching their reviews since last year.

PRS DGT David Grissom with Tremolo - Solana Burst

And my new guitar :D
Wait for his words at 48 seconds.

PRS 408 Maple Top Electric Guitar

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I quite like Mark's demos for NStuff.

Always plays some really tasty stuff and gives the details to you straight.

Enough room in the world for all different ways of doing gear demos but I personally like this approach.
I like Mark's demos too, but for metal/rock, they have another guy there who likes to play it.
Mark plays a lot softer non rock stuff, but he is still a fantastic player.
Here is another one put up the other day from Mark.

PRS Custom 22 Electric Guitar - Black Gold Burst

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And the reviews keep on coming.

PRS Custom 24 Electric Guitar with Tremolo - Faded Gray Black

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I used to not enjoy Mark's demos very much, but they've grown on me. I don't know if his style got a little less jazzy or if I've just gotten used to it, but lately they do great demos, nice sound quality and no annoying effects to mask the tone. Just straight clean and drive sounds.
Yeah, I bought my first PRS there in Blawnox, PA - Schweet Vintage Sunburst '89 CE...

I think we called it Pianos 'N Stuff back then.

Haven't been by there in years - Not sure if they're under the same management - yet, they do still seem to have their sh!t together...

It's still PNS - and they still take lots of my money!