Truss Rod Cover Preference

Truss rod cover preference

  • With model name

    Votes: 12 25.5%
  • Blank

    Votes: 17 36.2%
  • Third party / non-oem

    Votes: 18 38.3%

  • Total voters
It depends. If there's a lot of black in the guitar's color scheme, like my S2 594 and another SE245, then stock is OK. If not then custom has worked out better.


Stock And Blank Is My Preference. I Don't Like Anything Competing With The Guitar Body Or The Headstock. Simple And Blended In Is How I Like To Roll On My Stuff.
Here are my PRSi headstocks. Green (McCarty 594 HBII) and blue (CU24) are aftermarket stained maple for both TRC and tuner buttons, center one (CU24 PS) is stock, wood on that one is Hormigo.


@docteurseb did the staining on the aftermarket ones for me ;~)) He also did stainded maple back plates for the blue one!
Love those! I am a big fan of Seb’s work, he’s done the same for many of my guitars.
That huge bold capitalized 'SE' on the Korean SE headstocks may be the most glaring defect on them, but unfortunately difficult to correct.
One would think someone could try to build a custom-shape TRC that covers (most of the time) the traditional location of the "SE" (with tiny TM) by extending up the headstock.

Look at this image for example. Surely a longer narrowing design (that perhaps still leaves room for the "245" in this case) could be executed? Or is the "SE" just too variable in actual location for precision coverage? i.e. shifts around in production and/or design depending on the model / sig artist? I just looked at the handful of SEs that I have, and a TRC that covered the SE on the guitar pictured here looks like it would work on all of mine (although the CU24-7 might be a challenge due to the interfering E-string tuning peg right next to the SE).

Stealing this image reference from @Prina from earlier in the thread: