Tremonti SE


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Jul 14, 2019
I own a low end George Lynch strat style body that I dropped a Suhr Doug Aldrich in. Sounds good, but I think that pup belongs in a mahogany body LP type guitar as it sounds thin. So thinking about buying a Tremonti SE and dropping in the Doug Aldrich.

Not sure if anyone has swapped pups in a Tremonti SE before and if anyone thinks the Aldrich would sound fuller in that body as opposed to a strat style body (alder not mahogany). Think I will just trade bridge pups and was curious what you all think.

Welcome any feedback
Haven’t put an Aldrich in a Tremonti, but I had them in my KL-33 (all Korina Santana), and have a set in my Core Mira. The first time I ever played the Aldrich set was in a forum members SC-594. I ordered a set as soon as I got home.