Trem upgrade kit


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May 3, 2012
Augusta, Georgia
Hi, guys. I just got my first upgrade kit and am struggling to get the insert out of the trem bar slot.
any ideas???
I replaced one once, it was a PITA! I found a screw that I could thread into the bushing, then pried out the bushing using the screw head. I used a C-clamp to insert the new one. Given a choice I would not do it again as it did not have that great an effect on the tremolo arm.
The easiest way to do it is to remove the plate from the block by removing those three hex screws. If you don't need to replace the bushing, I wouldn't recommend doing it.
How about a before and after pic. Been thinking about getting the kit and doing mine. In thinking a little gold would look good. Also thinking about the faux-bone tuning buttons.
That's going to be really tough.

Do you have a small set of common (flat) screwdrivers? I would try using one to unscrew. If that didn't work, I'd try wrapping a little piece of plumbing tape around the hex key to try and 'fill' the head of the screw to get a little grip.

Also: try using the other end of your hex key; I spent a while trying to get some saddle screws out of a strat once, to no avail, only to then drop the key, and try the other end, and then all of them came out without any trouble at all. The allen key was malformed, not the hex screw.