Trem saddles


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Mar 26, 2019
I'm looking for 2 trem saddles for a core, they can be chrome, but my 408 is an artist package with the hybrid hardware so gold would be ideal. I am looking for used, but functional adjustment screws. I thought I would try here before I buy a new set. The screws are seized in the old ones.
Did u try the Qtip trick...? Spray some WD 40 on a Q tip and lit it drip into the adjustment hole? Try not to let it touch anything else, though. Let it sit for a bit...has worked for me a few times.
I have the holes filled with Deoxit right now, i'll let them sit overnight. Fingers crossed.
Something else you can do if wd40 doesn't work.

Apply some heat to the saddle. Figure out a way to secure it while heating it up. Maybe use a soldering iron to apply heat with. It should expand allowing screw to come out. You're going to have to clean the threads up though

Good luck.