Trem, Hardtail, 2 pc. Bridge, or adjustable Hardtail........... what's your choice?


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Apr 26, 2012
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I like The way a Trem feels under my hand, but I never use a trem.................... kinda Kooky?

I love the way the 2 pc. feels ................... far superior to a TOM IMHO!

I don't like the way the adjustable wraptail feels, but it's certainly needed for a Piezo!

Wrap Hardtail feels good under my hand, although I need to be aware of accidentally muting strings. I believe PRSH somewhat strictly plays a wraptail guy..........
I have all 3 and the hardtail is my fav. 2 piece bridge pretty cool too. I ma not much of a trem guy because I switch between standard and dropped tunnings too much and the trem just can't stay in tune going back and forth IMO.
Love a Trem guitar but, like you I do not use them. I'm convinced they sound better... Probably mild psychosis! Also a big fan of Wraparound tail piece...
I'm with you, Markie. I love the trem feel, but don't even put the trem arm in most of the time (unless it's a surf day), but the fixed wrap tail is my favorite.
Bridges all day everyday. With a tremel-no, I can have any functioning tail piece I want from a stop tail to a floater..... it rocks :)
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Trem all day every day, it was the single biggest feature that sold me on a PRS almost twenty years ago. I can't believe Floyd Rose trems are still made.
I bought a trem model because the wraptails felt weird to me. I don't use the trem either. But then my next several PRSi were all wraptails, so I have learned to like them too. Never seen a two piece in person.
I'm a big fan of decked or blocked off trems. I wouldn't buy a hardtail Strat as I believe the trem - whether used or not - adds something to the sound. Also, it's there is I need it.

Regards wraparound or two piece... Not too fussed as long as they are sufficient quality.

Err... Yeah, so all of them!
I prefer a big chunk of stop tail.
One of these days, I'll sit down and figure out something useful to do with a trem, but mostly so I'll have an excuse to get some more guitars.
I'm new to playing - still taking lessons and got lots to learn. I just need the basics. I'm not going to be using a tremolo very much for the foreseeable future (though my new DGT has one) - I have lots of other technique to work on first.

Gimme a regular old wrap-around stop tail for playing ease and tuning stability.
The wrap stoptail is perfect for me and a brilliant design. With Tone Pros studs it intonates perfectly and is just a no-brainer.

Jim, no trems here
Have both a trem as well as a 2 the trem just a wee bit more than the 2p, both are super comfy to play though.
Wrap stoptail for me. Feels just rights. I want a DGT but I'm not sure how I'll get along with how the trem feels.
I rarely use the trem arm, but I like the tone resonance you get with one, and they have a nice feel. For session work, it's good to have the option of using the trem when I need to.

My favorite for pure tone with a non-trem is the PRS 2-piece, and I completely agree that they're nicer to play than the old TOM as well.

But heck, I like the wrap tails, too. It all depends on the guitar.