Treble-bleed in my H2 vs DGT


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Jun 16, 2012
I have a 2005 H2 that I am assuming has a treble-bleed on the volume pot. I assume so because it keeps the highs as I roll down the volume. However, the tone gets thinner and more piercing as I reduce the volume, which makes it problematic for playing rock gigs. The guitar sounds great as I solo at full volume, but turning it down makes it harsh sounding. Which is not a problem with my DGT.
Does these guitars have different values for the capacitors and resistors? I read in Mitch Gallagher's book that it is possible to replace them so as to keep the highs but also the midrange fullness as the volume is decreased. Meaning that sometimes the parts installed can actually make the guitar too bright.
Any ideas?
I am not sure on those models but in my quest for the right value treble bleed cap here's what I know-

I wanted to retain the same tone as volume was changed. The CAP that does that best for me is the 180 Micro Farrad treble bleed cap.

I tried higher values that sounded like you described and lower ones did not do the job. This is the standard value in the CU 24 unless that has been changed as of late.

The best way to do it is to get a bunch of differenct value caps mounted on piece of cardboard. Use wires with aligator clips to do a temporary hook up. Play various values untill you find the sweet spot. Then solder it in.