To change or not to change...


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Oct 12, 2012
Hello everyone,
I'm new here. I just got a PRS SE EG. I have several Strats and a couple of Teles and thought I could change the setup on this EG and maybe add a couple of humbuckers and move away from the S-S-S setup it has now. My question to everyone is this; Would I benefit from this (other than the fun of the project) or would I be better off putting that money toward a different PRS? I like the guitar and it plays nice, but I'd rather have one with humbuckers. I have the ability to cut a new pickguard, then I would just need to choose the pups. I know if I bought a different PRS, there's a chance I would want to change the pickups as well...50/50 there. I don't have a whole lot in this guitar. I got it in a trade so putting $200-$300 into it would put me under $400. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. By the way, I play more blues, country and "purdy stuff". I use some overdrive and very little distortion. Thanks.

If you're not worried about keeping the EG in original condition, it could be a really fun project. If you want a humbucker loaded PRS that already has good pickups, the SE Semi-Hollow or anything with the SE 245 pickups are a good choice, and you can pick one up for $400 if you shop around.
I appreciate the responses...I pulled the plate off last night and noticed the body was already routed H-S-H. I could always switch back to original if I wanted to I guess. I'm wondering, would any other SE play better than this EG? Assuming they have the same body style. I prefer the body style of the custom, should I try to find SE 245 pickups? I see it's really hard to find parts for PRS guitars. Maybe someone here will have a set?