To buy a core DGT or a SE DGT?


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Jun 9, 2024
Hi guys. I’m in need of some advice. I currently own a core McCarty 594 DC and have been toying with the idea of a DGT.

My question is as I currently own a core PRS would I be disappointed if I bought the SE DGT? The cost of each and their pros and cons would be a deciding factor. I can get hold of a 2nd hand core 2023 DGT for approx £2800. A new SE would be £800. Is the core worth the extra cash?
As with most things...that depends. If you expect the SE to look, and play, and feel, and sound like a core, you will most likely be disappointed. If you see it as one more gun in your arsenal and let it be what it is, you will most likely be impressed. Only you can know for sure. My counsel in these matters is always, buy the best guitar you can afford.
All solid points here. The SE is a solid guitar, held one, and punches above its weight.

But, you will notice the difference with your 594. It is inevitable. Question is: are those 2000 an issue to you?
Get the core and avoid the se disclaimers we all do like its a good guitar for the money.. x% there for x% less. If you can do it. Do it. If not there's no shame in the se. It's solid and one of the top se to me.

I've learned that buying anything else than what I want only puts me further from my goal. I just went through this on a guitar purchase with the gap much less than se vs core. It was model vs model and finish vs finish that created a price gap. There was no wrong choice besides going against the one I truly wanted. Ripped the bandaid off and tracking number recieved today.
I got a core Goldtop in 2009 or 2010 and liked it, later sold to a bandmate.
I got another DGT in 2023 and just couldn't appreciate the neck carve, so I sold it.
Then a DGT SE, which has a neck carve that I just love. The core has a Slightly deeper, probably louder sound, and is an exquisite guitar. Where I live, for PRS, you have to go online, and hope for the best. A pretty sure bet with this company. Good luck.
I just spent some time today at Northeast Music in PA and compared the DGT vs DGT SE. The SE version is very good. It plays just as well as the Core model though the pickups don't sound the same. The Core is a little warmer. If the sound and playability is the most important thing to you, I can highly recommend the SE version. However, if you want a guitar that every time you look at it, you are saying wow, you want the more blingy look with better frets, and the overall guitar looks like a higher end guitar, then get the Core. You won't be sorry. The warmer pickups are nice as well. The SE looks fine but it looks like a cheaper guitar.
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I’ve had an SE DGT for just over a year. I bought a 2012 Core… it will be here this week. I wanted the answer here as well. I’ll post thoughts on playability and tone when I have both in my possession. Aesthetically, the SE really misses the knob carves inho.
Buy the SE and then upgrade to USA pickups. You save 1500 or so and have a killer guitar.
Buy the SE and then upgrade to USA pickups. You save 1500 or so and have a killer guitar.
As someone who's gone down this road many times.. in the end you have a better sounding guitar but the extra $1500 gets to the killer guitar. Can't swap the bones.
My 2cents .. .do you plan on keeping it , or just as a gigger for a few years?

If you intend on keeping it save up for a core or above. I looked for 2 years to find just the right one . A good used core is a very viable alternative .. mine was flawless.