Three Singlecuts I want...


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Nov 7, 2012
Hey guys,

Found a few early 2000 singlecuts I have my eye on.

One is my favorite color, tobacco burst 2000 SC at 9.5 lbs but it has an aftermarket adjustable bridge and after market Schaller locking tuners which left the originals nal holes visible. I coild replace the tuners.

Anorher is a 2001 Sunburst mint condition and all original with kluson tuners and wraparound bridge. If I got it, maybe I'd install an adjustable bridge. This one is only 8 lbs.

Finally, a 2001 cherry bursting good condition with some dings and chips, at 9.5 lbs. They want $2650. I love cherry burst but for $2650? Not so much.

I think the mint 2001, Sunburst sounds best but a my LP is Sunburst so I was trying to avoid yet another Sunburst, lol.

Best bet is the 8 lb burst? Wish I could play them all.

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The mint 8-lb. one for me. That 1.5-lb. difference between it and the others would definitely be noticeable. It's too bad that it doesn't have birds on the neck--but yet, on the other hand, my own Stripped 58 doesn't have birds, and sometimes it's kind of refreshing that it doesn't. (Heck, even Paul didn't expect the birds to become popular, anyway.)

Now... all of 'em have probably got #7 pickups in there. Let's yank those out and install some 57/08's, and now we're talking!!
I have a 8lb limit for any git fiddles I am looking at these days! I can play heavier stuff (like my EBMM Stingray), but I can't play them for more than an hour or so!! Therefore, my vote goes to Mr. 8lb!!! Good luck and congrats on the hunt!!!!
I love the tobacco burst. I used to have a tobacco burst McCarty and it was gorgeous.

It has aftermarket tuners and you can see the original holes left behind by thr kluson tuners. Is that bad?

I could always install locking tuners that fit the original holes
Bachelorette #2, hands down, no contest. Good-looking, svelte, classic, sexy. Go man go.
I know, it's beautiful but man I love tobacco burst. With the Sunburst, so you guys think I'd have to swap out the bridge for an adjustable bridge? Maybe locking Kluson?
Ehh, terbacky burst is all right - always an acceptable treatment when a more ravishing example is unavailable (and always at least a B in a domain where there are Cs, Ds, and outright Fails). But how many baccybursts have you already got?

I don't say that all "sunbursts" (a shame the definitions and differentiations aren't more standard) are categorically better than all backybursts. It's just that in this comparison, not only the colors but the top figure are more vivid and striking than on the other two candidates. If I were making this decision, I would probably resort to Gibson and other industry nomenclature for the colors in order to support the middle guitar's superiority: that may be what PRS calls just "sunbust", but it's mighty Cherry Bursty to me, which clearly makes it a stronger candidate. In that connection, I don't know what kind of drugs the PRS colorists were taking, or what quirks of light and atmospheric interference afflict Maryland - but it's the only planet on which that last guitar could be called Cherry Burst. I'd call it OopsBurst.

you guys think I'd have to swap out the bridge for an adjustable bridge?

I don't think that at all, as I learned through repeated experience some years ago to overcome my conditioned prejudice in favor of adjustable-saddle bridges. I'm a firm believer in one-piece solid bridges, of which there are numerous admirable designs - the PRS wraptail being prominent among them. More zing, more energy transfer to the top, more response, no rattles or buzzes - and most competently designed one-piece bridges, properly positioned and installed, intonate with more accuracy than most of us play.

Putting an adjustable-saddle bridge on a guitar is admitting failure.

(Disclosure: I make part of my living by selling solid one-piece bridges. But I took that up after being convinced of their tonal and functional superiority, not vice versa.)
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Ohhh...OK, that picture of #3 is quite fetching. Black Cherryburst, OK. I hate dings and chips, so it would depend on where they're located and how bad they are - but that one is now more compelling to me than Bachelorette #2. It's vivid, elegant, dignified, and regal. Uncommon.

Forget that tawdry #2, which reveals its faded glory in the later pic. Yuck ptui. Looks like a durn Hondo.

And now that you show more pics of #1, I like it even less. That's too severe a fade on the burst, too dark around the edges, and too obvious an egg shape. My least favorite way of executing a burst. To ME (acknowledging the utter subjectivity of all such judgments), that looks like a ... not-very-expensive guitar. Undistinguished.

Beatem down on the price of #3 and luxuriate in the fulsome beauty.
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I have no tobacco bursts

That said, I love that Sunburst evne though I have a Sunburst LP. And my SC250 is a light burst of some sort..
Thanks for the input on the bridge topic.
I like you take on that.
I agree.
One thing though, is it possible that for heavier strings, it may need the adjustable bridge? What about when using drop tunings?
Why would it be admitting failure? Failure of design or setup ability?

Thanks for the comments. This is good stuff!
What are your thoughts on locking tuners?
What do you think of the two piece PRS stoptail??

Oh, what about a 245? Shorter scale like a Gibson or even shorter

I think thr 25" scale SC models sound bigger and fuller.
Could be fun to play though.