Three 408 demos


PRS Addiction
Jun 27, 2012
Auburn, WA. USA
Well, the first two are for a pedal and an amp, but the guy at Premier Guitar is using a 408.
There are not really many 408 vids out yet.
There is the PRS one, and Sweetwater also has one which I will post in the 2nd post.

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Great vids, but I must say I don't really like the tone of the Nace M1. Jason shows off the tonal variety of the 408 well though!
I don't know, I thought the Nace sounded fine:dontknow: Maybe it's just my distaste for the DSL, I hated my original version. Very thin sounding high gain and the deep switch sounded like fake low end. Clean channel was nice though:) Maybe this new version is better.
I hope so, I am thinking of getting the 15 watt head.

We need more 408 demos though.
Would dig hearing Chris do one.