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Aug 1, 1985
In the final days of BaM (may it rest in peace) I started to post graphics that recognized successful threads the same way a recoding artist might get a gold, silver, or platinum record for album sales. As the Official PRS Forum prepares for it's 1st birthday (April 23rd), I'd like to reintroduce the concept.

About 6 weeks ago I asked 5 of you to step up and develop the graphics for this effort. Jesse (JFB), Bill (RugerPC), 3-Mike (themike), Jon (Hopeful Sinner), and Matt (Sekunda) graciously made a commitment. This is the fruit of their labor; a gift to this community. I'd like to extend a personal THANK YOU to each of them for doing such a great job.

Awarding successful threads is a group effort. As each of you (our forum members) see a thread achieving certain levels of 'success', feel free to grab the URL for one of these graphics, as appropriate, and post it. These graphics are intended for use by everyone, not just the designers or moderators.

So without further adieu, I'd like to present the designs for Silver, Gold, Platinum, Double-Platinum, and Diamond! :congrats:

Thread Awards:

From 3-Mike: SILVER (250+ replies)


From RugerPC: GOLD (500+ replies)


From JFB: PLATINUM (1000+ replies)

From Hopeful Sinner: DOUBLE PLATINUM (2000+ replies)

From Sekunda: DIAMOND (5000+ replies)
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Cool idea. This is my first experience on ANY forum what so ever, and i'm getting impressed with new stuff all the time. Again, this is very cool.

Note: Hey! Since when did I become a "senior" member?!? With Goldtop starting a thread with my name in it, this is all too flattering... :D

This forum is getting very addictive! I like it !! :biggrin:
Hmmm.... My little 6" x 6" looks tiny next to the others.

Good thing I'm redrawing my birds for a little better detail. I'll send Hans an new 640x640 (8.889" sq) version when it is done....
A great idea, and fantastic work! CONGRATS TO YOU ALL!!!:congrats:This is an incredible Forum. I'm so proud to be part of it.

Goldtop Lloyd
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Cool graphics.

How are these to be used? Like, when a thread hits 250 posts someone should post the silver graphic?
Why am I paying some chump I don't even like to do my graphic design stuff? You guys are really doing some nice work!