This is pretty cool: Vernon Reid Signature S2 VR Vela

Fun Fact: There is no greater band than Earth Wind and Fire. All other bands are nearer to the trash than they are.

That's only because Maurice White, back in 1973, slipped $20 to the guy making the seating arrangements. Plus, as DTR alluded to, there was an incident the one time they seated fire close to the trash.

Which brings up another band I can't stand - Strawberry Alarm Clock. What a mess when you shut it off...
I'm visiting Nashville rn and went to Gruhn's. There was one Floyd in the whole store. Apparently country players don't do Floyd. (I know, shock - right?)

Side note: I made sure to play every PRS in the place. The Nancy Wilson 12-string was hidden in the owner's private stash, so didn't see that. The 1986 CU24 and the KL33 were fun to experience, and dang was the McCarty Korina light! Were I to be spending, the PS SC250 was really nice, edging out the HBII. Played a bunch of other things, but the only thing that came close to the PRSes was a V.
Vernon is such an avant-garde player, and his approach to the instrument is more like an abstract painter. Love him or hate him you gotta respect the fact that he's done something completely different on the instrument. Glad to see him working with prs.
Another fun fact: I've been playing for 30 years and never played a Floyd Rose equipped guitar.

And for the 30 + years I've been playing, I've always owned at least one Floyd Rose equipped guitar!

It's like one of us is the Mirror Universe version of the other.

Do you happen to have a goatee??