This Friday in Phoenix/Tempe AZ - album release show at Yucca Tap Room

John Beef

Apr 27, 2012
Arizona USA

Hi! I'm John, and I play guitar and do some singing in The Bovine Fury. Our friends in High Horse are putting out their second album "Samples of Examples" and we're excited to be supporting their album release show. It's free, and it's at the Yucca Tap Room in Tempe, which is a great venue as you might know. Also, it will be the 1st gig where I will play my recently purchased 2007 Mira with old birds. There are some touring bands on the bill on their way to SXSW so it's going to be a lot of fun.

If you're in the area, drop by and say "Hi!" I'm the guy who is taller than everyone, and I have a red beard. The admission is free and there's always cheap booze available at YTR. You can stream and/or download our album in my sig for free. We will have some burned CDs at the show.
Haha, yeah, the wording was intentionally vague. We keep giving away lots of CDs every show and wonder how many we would actually sell. This might be the batch that gets the price tag. But that remains to be seen.
A lot of folks don't list their locations so I have no idea if I'm basically farting into the wind here, but this show is tonight.
It might have been our best show ever. Being second to last with so many bands on the bill, well, it was one of those shows where you get a half hour and then get yourself and your gear off the stage at warp speed. So, there was just an urgency to the whole thing, it was the headliner's album release show and they're friends of ours so the last thing we want to do is step on toes or cause them to have to cut their set to finish before the 2AM close. We played our most rocking seven songs. I had the Mira which weighs next to nothing and I don't know, it just felt right, we were into it, the crowd was into it, it was great.

Oh, and there was a guy there wearing a foam trucker hat that said "Hoof Arted" in big letters. That's a member name here, I think? There was definitely a BAMmer with that name. But I asked him if he was a member here and he had no idea what I was talking about.
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Didn't sell a single one! We did give away a metric shipload of them though.


I'm definitely thinking a run of 100 pro-made selling for $3 or $4 each would be a good idea.