The thrill of the hunt

John Beef

Apr 27, 2012
Arizona USA
Okay, I'm going to come right out and admit to what I'm doing here. Our band has six new songs worth of music written and absolutely zero lyrics. We decided we're going to write about stuff we like on this album/EP. I am now officially crowdsourcing, so if you want to participate, great! Please be aware your statements may make it into some song lyrics. We really don't make any money so there's no compensation other than the satisfaction of having participated, and a thank you in our liner notes.

I'm going to write a song that's absolutely sinister, where I make myself sound like a murderous stalker. It's going to be about hunting for my next guitar and the thrill that comes with the hunt.

So far my idea has something about seeing your picture online, knowing you must be mine. Engineering a social situation for a chance encounter. Wrapping my hands around your neck. Hanging you on a wall in a secret room in my house.

So, what do you love the best about the hunt for a new guitar? :rock:
The anticipation - and then the fulfillment - of the smell of you once we're close. I never tire of it. You never disappoint...

I will be disappointed if there is not a new track called: " I bought this new Tremonti SE so I may as well record a song about it".
you could make a song with parallel meanings. Write about my hands around your neck, when this night is over I will lay you down and close the lid, no one else can make you cry or sing. Are you talking about a guitar you love or a girl you hate? Or vise versa? Maybe thats why my lyrics always suck!
The hunt, the rationalizing and the re-rationalizing. Turn it sinister like a cat playing with a mouse - do i execute the deal or not? Hmmm, now i'm starting to get GAS....