The "Somebody Buy Me This" Project Guitar

A pic of the empty box?!!......... :rofl: Too funny, you're milking this one Jim.
It's gonna look great when it's done!!! Bet it'll sound as good as it looks with a top notch setup & intonation.
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So I'm looking at the bridge in place with my tounge down to the keyboard and the thought crossed my mind…..they make a left handed bridge ala SRV? I know. Routing filling, custom stickers but wouldn't that be a complete shocker. May be the only PRS in the world set up that way.
Well, I haven't posted an update in awhile, so I figured I'd better. I got the plain jane neck last week. Here it is:

I was a little hesitant to do the install as there are no holes drilled, and I've never done a neck before. So, Sergio said he'd be willing to help out. We had a time set up to get together last Sunday. We started swapping texts around noon on Sunday and between thoughts of common sense, total debauchery drunkenness and reckless abandon, and then back to common sense I decided to hold off. The reason? Well, this isn't the neck that's going to stay on this body. I didn't want to risk screwing something up getting this one mounted, and then pulling it off again when the "nice" neck gets here sometime in the next month. So, now I have this spare neck lying around. Sergio was nice enough to say he might be willing to take it off my hands, and even dropped a couple of other names that might be interested. We'll see how this pans out. Of course, he did also chime in with this pearl of wisdom: "You know what's better than a project? Two!!!"

For now, holding pattern for the other neck. Should be sometime in the next couple of months.

BTW, I really need to get a handle on posting pics....sorry for the haphazardness.
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Let me know what you have to for that neck. I could be interested unless you have a home for it already. Thanks
Let me know what you have to for that neck. I could be interested unless you have a home for it already. Thanks

Hey gush, thanks for the interest. Appreciate it. However, something unexpected came up. Turns out I going to have another use for it........
Resurrecting this long dormant thread can only mean one thing........I FINALLY got the custom neck that was supposed to be done last November.



I took Friday off so I could put it all together, and finish the other project too.
I was just talking about this the other day with Vaughan, couldn't remember who started it or the name of the thread, but glad to see it resurrected! That's a nice looking neck :cool:
I used to do tung oil on my necks back in my part-o-caster days, a good way to go.

"Sustainium"......... love the trademark name.:D