The Rolling Stones: Hackney Diamonds

Nice set list. Too bad I'm not an "A-Lister." Would have been great to see that live at an intimate venue.

I still don't have the new album. Guess I'll have to send Jeff Bezos some $, since apparently store fronts don't sell CDs anymore.
Wow, what an odd ending to that video! Either way, thanks for sharing, best music they have done in a long time IMO!!!
Yes, best music they've put out in ... well ... decades.
There's another version of the album coming out w/a second CD of the live show they did to promote. If'n anyone cares.
As someone who grew up with the Stones music in my HS years, I still care. I can, however, see how someone who heard the Stones only sporadically from maybe a classic rock station or their parents record collection could care less about what they do. Still, I'm glad Mick, Keith and the boys decided to swing for the fences and succeed on this one.