The PRS in my collection getting played most right now is_______???

For me it's my semi satin Vela with a tone zone in the bridge....I bought it used that way in mint condition but im loving this guitar!! I also have been ripping on my S2 Standard 22 as a close bout you guys??
Hollowbody Spruce(s), 513, and 594 HB in that order. The Spruces are getting the lion’s share these days.

October ’22 Update: The NF3 has been getting all the new guitar honeymoon hours. I’m sure I’ll be back on the others soon, and am playing them intermittently, but damn… that NF3 is a sweet instrument! It’ll be in the regular rotation, for certain.
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Today was a stripper 58 day and tomorrow will be something else. I've been rotating pretty heavily lately.

Other than my beater CE this is my only PRS electric so it is getting my playing time. New acquisition a few weeks ago. NOS 2018 Wood Library Fatback Custom 24, ziricote board and 58/15LT’s. Probably going to yank the bridge pup for a 59/09.


That's gorgeous.
Wanna hear what you think of the swap to 5909
Right now my new CU24, but my Starla is a close second. The latter gets a lot of church air time and after summer hibernation from church service, I guess the roles might be reversed, since the Starla is a near perfect P&W guitar.
this one - my 2006 McCarty Goldtop (that I ordered and waited 7 months for back then) with the Naylor Hyper Vintage pickup set. I have totally bonded with this guitar over time - it's just so effortless to play. The Naylor pickups are super clean and articulate, classic low-wind PAF voice that I can push around for a number of things. I did have the Hyper Vintage set wired for Series and Parallel with Push/Push pots for more tone options - haven't found much this guitar can't do, well, with the exception of a whammy-bar bend.
I only have one,my 2010 DGT,and i play it all the time.I also have a Gibson flying v and 2 strats but i play the PRS 99% of the time.The only mods I have done is removing the treble bleeds and replacing the tremolosprings with two medium tension springs.I use 9-42s standard tuning.Personally I feel it sounds more natural when I turn down the volume without the treble bleed and the reason for replacing the tremolo springs is that I like a softer feel.The DGT is a perfect guitar for me and it’s 100% a keeper.

Note:Since writing this Swede71 noticed tremolo came back sharp after using it so he once again tried different springs and came to the conclusion that three Raw vintage springs works better.Not the same feel but a good compromise for better tuning stability.
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