The PRS GAS struck again! 2018 CU24


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Jun 27, 2021
We will just call this one an early 45th birthday present! Lol. She's a 2018 in Black Gold Burst Wrap. Here's some glamour shots along side my 2022 model I purchased last month. The only mods I did on both of them was install Phase III faux bone tuners. Now I just need to decide if I should keep the stock 85/15's in her, or if I should drop in the set of 59/09's I have laying around in her

2018 PRS CU24
Beautiful guitar! I’d live with the stock pickups a while and see if you like them… you might be surprised! You’ve always got the 59/09s in reserve, and you know they’ll sound great.
So if I'm tuning down to drop C, or drop C# then I would probably want to keep the 85/15's in there?
Does your 2022 have 85/15? If so, swap in the 59/09's for variety. Or send them to me, I have a CU24 and a CU24 piezo both with 85/15 and would love to try out 59/09 in one of them.....

Killer guitars BTW!