The PRS Bumper Sticker Contest


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Aug 1, 1985
I eat lunch at a local BBQ shop several times a week to maintain my figure. They have a bunch of bumper stickers on a huge stainless steel vent near the cash register. As people stand in line to order and then again to pay, they stare directly at all those bumper stickers. It's frequently the most popular restaurant in town, according to, so I figure the companies on those stickers are getting a lot of free press.

It got me thinking...

I literally have a pile of PRS bumper stickers that need to be put to good use. So I brought them a PRS Guitars bumper sticker a few months ago. They cleaned off a shiny spot on the vent and now several hundred people a day have to look at a PRS Guitars bumper sticker while they wait for their brisket sandwich! :top:

Do you guys have a bunch of PRS Bumper stickers laying around too? If so, find a cool place to stick one and post the picture in this thread. After 100 photos of bumper stickers are posted, I will ask my lovely assistant (Heather) to choose the 10 sticker locations she thinks are the most original. From there, the membership will vote on the bumper sticker location they like best.

If you NEED a PRS Bumper sticker, post up a request in this thread. I'm sure there are plenty of people near who can help. Your local PRS dealer may also be a good source. Every new PRS Guitar comes with a bumper sticker in the case.

The Prize:
I will personally purchase $100 of whatever the winner wants from the online PRS store (parts or apparel) and ship it to him or her anywhere in the world.

The Rules:
1) The bumper sticker must be placed somewhere people can see it.
2) An entry to this contest is made when you post a picture of a PRS Guitars bumper sticker that YOU placed somewhere people can see it. You may enter as many times as you like.
3) I will be the original purchaser of the PRS merchandise - which I will be giving to the winner. There are no warranties because you will be the 2nd owner. Also, there will be no exchanges or returns.
4) Winner pays actual shipping costs, import taxes, tariffs, fees, whatever... the items will be shipped as a "gift" with a value of $0 dollars. If the merchandise gets lost or damaged in shipping, it will not be replaced and no refunds for shipping costs will be refunded. If the juice isn't worth the squeeze, don't play the game.

The Fine Print:
1) This contest is not sponsored by PRS Guitars. I am not an employee of PRS Guitars.
2) Please don't vandalize anyone's property with a PRS Bumper sticker. I hate to post the words but if your photos show a PRS Guitars sticker in a way that "appears" to be illegal, I'll delete it.
3) Void where prohibited. This contest has no cash value. Take care to keep large stickers away from young children or from adult who are acting like children. Contact your physician immediately if your PRS Bumper sticker causes Priapism (then call all of your ex-girlfriends). Member: PRS Sig Club #239.
Is (partial) nudity illegal? :eek: So, hypothetically, if PRS bumper stickers were used to 'remove hair', would that post expect redaction? Just askin'.
Send the pics of the half-nekkid chicks to me (via email). I won't post them, but I'll review them anyway. ;)
Is (partial) nudity illegal? :eek: So, hypothetically, if PRS bumper stickers were used to 'remove hair', would that post expect redaction? Just askin'.

I like the sound of this. I will "PRS bumper sticker" Boogies back hair for a PRS shirt in orange... but he has to meet me half-way in Valpo.
I thought it was a really fun idea.....I think some people might have gotten too hung up on the issues of "legal/appropriate"......I'd recommend keeping this idea...sounds like it could result in some very interesting and funny responses.
I did this on my factory tour.......:proud:

Ok... contest over. It will take 2 years to get 100 entries at this rate.


I'll dream up something more fun. :)


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I didn't get a prs sticker with my new Prs...this is way too good of a contest to close...