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The PRS Bass thread

Nothing currently in the house. Here's one that passed through a few years ago. It had a killer flamed neck and beautiful Brazilian Rosewood fretboard.




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WOW - THAT HEEL WOULD BE KILLER ON GUITARS TOO. I love everything about that bass!
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What an incredibly beautiful instrument! Makes me wish that I played bass.
I like to play bass now and again and the PRS shape nicccccccccceeee
I have never seen one in the flesh! and I don't think there are many in the UK anyway
I dug my old PRS Curly Bass IV. I sometimes regret selling it, despite the quirky elecdtronics. It had the best feel to me then any bass I have owned. But 2Tek spoiled me... and you cant stick a 2Tek in the older PRS basses due to the pickup that sits on the back of the body. :(

It was a MESS when I got it. A couple of the frets down the neck were MUCH lower than others, as if someone tried to replace the frets with the wrong type. The action was super high because of it. It was unplayable. After a refret... she played like butter! (sorry Hans!)

1989 Curly 4 Bass in blue with birds. It plays great and has some very nice tones, but does not have that P-Bass growl.