The One that got away ..... (feel free to cry along and show the lost)


Authorized PRS Dealer
Authorized PRS Dealer
Apr 27, 2012

Brent Moss
That's a beauty!!!! But you have the Glossified 1-piece top 59/09. Does that not ease your pain?
Wow, thats a beauty Brent. I can understand the tears. It looks eerily similar to my 59/09...

Here's the one I wish I'd kept. I tell myself that Brent will trade it back to me someday.

Traded this SC trem IRW for my Mesa Lonestar, kind of wish I would have kept it but I love the Mesa


I'm pretty sure this one is going to leave the roost in trade for something special very shortly...I think it will be well worth it.

I still regret the day "Rockmark" got the Employee Santana Brazilian that I was trying to make a deal on. In the final analysis, his trade + cash beat mine out, but I still covet that guitar.

Let's see....and I hesitatated too long on JID's Dragon 3 that I think Markie eventually secured.

And I still have second thoughts about trading that 25th anniversary Dragon to you, Brent! That's one I miss just about every day as well.

Oh well...always looking forward to the next "one" whichever that may be.
I didn't have a decent job yet, but have and will always love burl and this artist pack custom was floating around for a minute......still dream of her sometimes......

i feel ya

i saw a mira at a local shop and as soon as I gathered the ends to get it, and was going to drive to grab it, but decided to do a last minute check and call them before driving, but it was taken off their site and gone and sold.
It didn't get away (because I willingly traded it towards my current McCarty), but I wouldn't mind having my '96 McCarty Standard in Vintage Cherry back.
Hmmm. I had a really early SAS, # 67 or somewhere around there. But it didn't fit my style and I needed something for heavier rock so she had to go. There's been too many I couldn't get my hands on to count, so ...
I never even had a pic of the SAS.