The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

It's not identical to the beveled heel that Fender does, but it's still better than a regular block heel. Looks to be the same as what was on the DC3.

I will never understand the complaint with a scarf joint neck. It has been proven over and over again that it's strong than any one piece neck, and I know Paul wouldn't be doing it if it was going to be detrimental to tone.

Scarf joint is stronger than one-piece. And part of the motivation of the straight Fender headstock was cost; it required less wood than a one-piece tilt back and less labor than a scarf joint. The trade-off was a less than ideal break angle, which led to string trees and later staggered tuners. PRS have given us the best of both worlds here for a reliable guitar and they're catching flak.

You guys whinging about a case amuse me. You could drop this thing down a flight of stairs in a gig bag and still play the gig. It's a maple necked bolt-on after all. You're going to have to work to break it.
I'm not a Strat guy, they just never worked for me. When Paul started developing this guitar, I had a pretty big "meh" response to it. After I got to play the finalized version, I'm all in. I want one!

I'll be curious to hear reports from the general public on playability, fit and finish and tone.

It's not for lack of trying Shawn. I'm always looking at guitars of all makes and styles including Fender. I've spent plenty of idle hours thinking about getting a Strat but always end up talking myself out of it because there's something else I'd rather have... like my 594. I have a friend that gets me guitars for slightly above wholesale so maybe someday. I'd have to get bored with the great guitars I already have (not likely) and/or end up with too much money I have no other use for (even less likely).

I'll also be curious to see how this is going to turn out and be received but if I was ever going to buy another PRS I think it would be a Hollowbody II :)
"You don't like our FENDER guitars, fine, most don't. We'll make you a copy of the brand you like. We have no shame. Show us the money." :)[/QUOTE]

Google Fender Heartfield Elan...
I think these are gorgeous and I hope PRS sells a gazillion of them. I personally have more interest in the S2 Studio, however.

I've got a couple nice examples of SSS guitars already that rarely get played.
I would have bought one but they wired it incorrectly (for me). I love the middle single coil sound.
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"You don't like our FENDER guitars, fine, most don't. We'll make you a copy of the brand you like. We have no shame. Show us the money." :)

Google Fender Heartfield Elan...[/QUOTE]

That is hillarious! Never knew Fender made that guitar...
What do the pickups look like? Do they have that little triangle thingy on the base? Can I put them in my DC3 if I ever find a pair?

I am more interested in the pickups than the guitar. I remember the days when ALL singles were the same - all this "different wind for the position" baloney made it too complicated.....

Those sound pretty sweet, and could make for possible neat additions to other instruments.....
Thanks Shawn! Any good pics of the color difference in the scoop? I can't tell any difference in any of the pics so far.

I'm interested in this as well. Haven't seen it at all in the pics or videos.
Oh and BTW, @Shawn@PRS, is the rumor that the Silver Sky production is sold out until September and PRS has to introduce night shifts true? :eek:
John Bohlinger takes the Silver Sky out for a spin

I am a Strat guy, among other things, but I’ve got my custom tweaked to an inch of it’s life. So I’ll be passing on this model.

But man, put headphones on and listen to that tone. Just awesome! Dare I say what a Strat aspires to sound like? I just did.
This guitar with the steel tremolo set up floating,2 humbuckers and a 10" radius could be the best sounding bolt-on PRS model ever.