The "Official Silver Sky" Thread


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Jul 31, 2014
North Carolina
Glad to see everyone excited about it but....


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Jul 4, 2015
St. Petersburg
First let me mention this guitar is not for me. I am not a strat guy. But, I don't get the complaining. Remember, it is a SIGNATURE model - specifically a JOHN MAYER SIGNATURE model. This is NOT a "general release" PRS Strat. This guitar was built to appeal to Mayer and his desires in a VINTAGE STYLE guitar - NOT a modern style Strat. In the end, it was made available for those who are interested in buying it.

If the specs don't gel with you, cool. No need to buy it. As has been pointed out numerous times in the various threads on this guitar there are other options. If you want a PRS in this style, well, hold your horses - you NEVER know what could happen in a year or two. Maybe nothing, maybe something....

Regarding the case.....

Yeah cases are nice for stacking in the closet. For gigging, the PRS bag is amazing!! Even my PRS' with cases get dropped into an S2 gig bag for shows. It's lighter, easier to carry and protects the guitar just fine. If that's a deal breaker for you, then so be it. But the PRS bag is nice.

In the end, the guitar has some cool specs. I was a nay-sayer from the get-go. After watching the videos I was impressed. It's in the details. Watch and pay attention. If you don't own a PRS, believe what they say - if you DO own one, you know.....

Regarding price.....

It's a PRS. They cost what they cost. I struggled with that for years before just sucking it up. It was worth it.

Regarding construction.....

PRS doesn't cut corners on construction. Scarf joint? What's the issue with a scarf joint? Ever had one break? I haven't. I'm not talking PRS either, I'm talking NO scarf joint - even on 80's Japanese guitars. Three piece necks? Ever had one break? I haven't. Again, not talking just PRS - talking ANY. I had ESPs in the 80's with three piece necks. SOLID.

Meh....I could go on, but it's pointless. Complain all you want. PRS builds a great guitar. The Mayer guitar (refuse to say the name - it's silly, lol) will be killer....even though it's not for me.


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May 20, 2012
I find it slightly odd that the name of the guitar also starts with an S as in Stratocaster... Stratocaster, Super Strat, Silver Sky... :rolleyes:

Yes, it is a throwback to the other strat copy, the Tokai "Silver Star". So actually I guess PRS is copying two companies with this one.

The new PRS "Artist" marketing theme:

"You don't like our PRS guitars, fine, most don't. We'll make you a copy of the brand you like. We have no shame. Show us the money." :)


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May 5, 2012
First of all i think JM is a fantastic guitarplayer and from the videos i have watched him playing the guitar it sounds great.I like strats alot and this model looks cool.A strat with PRS vibes or vice versa.It has everything a good strat needs imo.A trem with steelblock and push in arm,good sounding pickups,headstock trussrod adjustment and locking tuners but I don't understand the neckradius.Ok,it's a signature model but at least 9 1/2 radius I think would have been a better choice.
Compared to Fender original I would choose the PRS even though the radius is 9 1/2 on the fender.I can't stand screw in tremolo arms or vintage trussrod adjust.Compared to an American professional I would choose the American professional or even the elite.The prices in Sweden now makes it very hard for Prs to compete with the "strat" market.Im sure the price here will be the same as a second hand Fender custom shop or a second hand suhr.
Nevertheless,i like it,looks cool,sounds great!


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Apr 1, 2013
Regarding construction.....

PRS doesn't cut corners on construction. Scarf joint? What's the issue with a scarf joint? Ever had one break? I haven't. I'm not talking PRS either, I'm talking NO scarf joint - even on 80's Japanese guitars. Three piece necks? Ever had one break? I haven't. Again, not talking just PRS - talking ANY. I had ESPs in the 80's with three piece necks. SOLID.

Not being concerned about any breaks.

It is the cheaper raw materials that do not please me - especially at this price point.

If it was the better way to do things, all PRS, especially PS guitars, would be built that way.
When the S2 came out they specifically said the use of a scarf joint was to cut the cost of the raw materials.

Sure, why not make every guitar body out of two or even three pieces of wood.

Arist model or not, these specs do not justifiy the price,and the argument that one could always go Private Stock does not count imo.


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Nov 22, 2015
Cool guitar. Not for me. I feel like that if I want a Strat, I'll buy a fender. I choose to play PRS guitars because they are PRS guitars, they are unique, they are modern. They incorporate the latest build techniques, electronics, finishes, etc. PRS doesn't have to rely on something that they built in the '50s or '60s to continue to sell guitars. If I want a BMW, I'll buy a BMW. If I want a Harley, I'll buy a Harley, not a motorcycle that copies a Harley. I think PRS is getting out of their lane here. Of course, I've never been a fan of signature guitars, that reflects someone else's playing style.
Aug 23, 1985
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Poly body? No Nitro, not even V12?

Scarf Joint Neck ???? Come on, that is some serious cost cutting and even the big "F" doesn´t use multi piece maple necks......

No hard case - OK, I could live with that, but again, if you look at the competition S-STyle guitars in that price range the allcome in a hardcase.

The Finish: The body of the Silver Sky gets the exact same finish you would find on an Artist Package Custom 24 or McCarty 594. Several years ago we moved on from the "V12" finish to a new formula.

The Headstock: Keep in mind, the Big F doesn't use a headstock angle. Instead, they use a flat headstock and pull the strings down from the nut using string trees. Paul doesn't like string trees and he wanted an actual headstock angle on this guitar, so we went with a scarf joint. Many companies use a scarf joint, including some very prestigious acoustic builders.

The Case/Gig Bag: We know tons of working musicians and the overwhelming majority of them carry their instruments in gig bags. Even Paul flies with his personal guitar in a PRS gig bag. For the collectors, a hard case will be available for purchase separately.


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Aug 2, 2013
Kansas City
Like I kinda mentioned in another thread, I REALLY want to see these guitars sell like hot-cakes. Not only because I want to see my favorite guitar builder grow and succeed, but because I really hope these sell enough to become a common product - thus allowing for maybe some limited runs, dealer specialties, sprayers' choice, and even Private Stock.

The platform alone is an excellent model to execute some really interesting tonal and appearance customization.

Also, of course, I would love to try one of these. I'm not too much of an "F" type guy, but I'd still like to take one for a test drive and see how it feels, plays, and sounds.


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Aug 7, 2013
Here is a photo of a guitar in production (maybe yours?) showing that the inside cavities are masked before spraying color and finish.

View attachment 6113
Thanks Shawn! This really shows the attention to detail that goes into not only this guitar, but all PRS models. Again, cannot wait for my Silver Sky to arrive!


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Apr 28, 2012
Geez...I thought once the official release was here and all the number pushers learned the specs , then the criticism would die down a little...

Call me a dreamer

You're not the only one.

It makes me shake my to see how many people are sticking with some of the debunked ideas even after the official announcement.

The signature aspect is probably the most overlooked thing. "Why would PRS do <insert favorite spec sticking point here?" Maybe because John wanted it that way.