The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

I got my Roxy Pink! Dec 18th!!! She’s a beaut.
Just pulled the trigger on a used Silver Sky in the Horizon finish from Guitar Center and I’m excited to get my hands on it - $2K feels like a bit much, but with used prices where they are (especially for Horizon) I’ll take it. Bonus: GC return period will overlap with SE announcement in case those turn out to be a better fit.
PRS confirms launch date, pictures, and specs of John Mayer signature SE Silver Sky.

PRS Instagram Announcement

Guitar World Article

(demos and full release January 11th)
Will be interested to see how they price these. What do you all think of the colors? Stone Blue looks nice. Dragon Fruit looks pretty cool too. Can't wait to see them in the wild.

Also, it's interesting they went with an 8.5" radius. I was expecting something closer to 10".

Edit: And is it just me, or does the headstock look enlarged a little bit like with the SE Hollowbodies? Especially evident I think in the picture in the GW article.
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Also, it's interesting they went with an 8.5" radius. I was expecting something closer to 10".

Seems like a Compromise to me - not quite the full 9.5" of a more modern Fender and not quite as rounded as the US made SS or Vintage Fender.

A lot of comments about the SS have been about the decision to go with a 7.25" radius and as that's what John Mayer wants, that's what's on the US made models. 8.5" seems like a 'decent' compromise between the two and John will no doubt be playing the US models anyway...
Candy Apple Red as far as I’m concerned. And it is mine and I love it
I agree, the Candy Apple Red finish has always looked great on Strat type guitars. Mine is also red, and I love the look. The pickguard you added looks nice, as well.
Looks like John Mayer SE dropping in a few weeks. Wonder if it’s a Silver Sky or something else…?
It is, indeed, a SE Silver Sky.

Received my new-to-me SS yesterday and initial impressions are great. Took a bit of fiddling with the setup - I think the prior owner had set it up for a floating bridge and then Guitar Center didn't quite adjust the trem-claw and bridge screws back to stock configuration correctly - but that's to be expected with a used guitar purchased online. It feels great in my hand now and that is, of course, what matters.

Also I had to buy it with almost no pictures (very low res) and I had no idea what year it was. Glad to find out this is a 2020 model, so I believe it has the updated/revised pickups, neck profile, and nitro finish - is my understanding correct?

Either way, I think it's a keeper. Like I said, it feels and plays great and the condition is really excellent. Very minimal play wear. It came with zero of the original accessories though, so have to decide whether I want to pick up the hard shell case or the premium gig bag.

Edit: Decided to save the extra $100 and went with the stock SS gig-bag straight from PRS Accessories - :).

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What part of 2020? My red has a body that says 2019 but the neck says 2020. Hang tag said finished January 2020. When I wrote to PRS asking the specs they said they couldn’t tell for sure when I gave modcat and serial number. She said it most likely had a nitro finish. I was not aware the red came nitro. I thought they were retired prior to nitro transition