The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

I do like the metallic like finishes. Easily appreciated on the Rose and Dodgem Blue. I’m still peeved they discontinued the Horizon and Onyx. Seems like an odd decision.
Wonder if that’s rose gold but looks different with the filter they used. The other is polar blue?
Wonder if this gets released. Didn’t John play a purple Silver sky that was never released?
I'm hoping for new colors as well....we've seen pepto pink (PLEASE let that be the name), but now I want to see a surf green variant, as well as something akin to candy apple red and/or a burst of some type.
I'd say John's video was just Pretending, with No Alibis on that one. :D

It's actually pretty awesome for him to pay tribute to Eric Clapton like that. So many guitarists from the 60s-80s took from prior blues men, but without much attribution. EC gave back more than most and paid tribute to BB and so many others, through records, shows, festivals, etc. JM appears be doing the same.