The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

Done and done good sir. Thanks for your help. I will see what I get back from PRS. Also this makes 2 posts so hopefully soon I can post pics
I just bought a silver sky in frost and mine definitely has a blue tint to it. I don't really like the blue to tell the truth. I'm not sure if I can post pics yet because this is my first post but I would like to show you guys. I think it must be the way the paint has been mixed in some batches. The frost SS's that I've seen on the internet were super white. However if you really dig down into a google image search you can see some that have a tinge of blue.

As I said this is my first post; is there someone at PRS to contact and ask if the blue tint is a feature or a bug?

I'm telling you - I'm not nuts! The two white ones in my local shop both looked like tinted blue. The shop owner agreed, though of course maybe that was just "the customer is always right." May or may not show up in photos - it depended on the light and it was subtle. Shawn, if you find that I'm correct, I'll collect my prize of a new Silver Sky, thank you!
I've played both. They each sound great, but I couldn't get along with the heavy lacquer on the EJ neck and I couldn't get along with the neck shape on the SS.

This was the exact thing that happened to me. They both sound fantastic but I couldn’t get down with the feel (lacquer, shape, plasticy, etc). If I could put the EJ neck on the SS then sand that bad boy down (so that the lacquer was gone) then I’d be in business... but that was just too much work for me.
Anybody looking for one? On hand at Righteous Guitars...

I keep being tempted to get another one in a different color, but I’m trying to be good and wait until 2019 for another guitar!
I'll jump in now. I pre-ordered a tungsten Silver Sky on the day they released to the public for pre-ordering and I'm still waiting. Is anyone else in the same boat? Just wondering.
I preordered mine two days after the release day and got it in May. Something doesn’t sound right there. I’ve seen Tungsten in stock at GC even.

It may depend on peoples location and their store. Maybe they are shipping these to certain dealers first and it maybe much more difficult for some stores to get hold of one in a specific colour. Not everyone here is from the US and/or close to a big PRS stockist. That being said, it does seem odd that it hasn't yet arrived.

I have seen a few on sale online - Andertons (UK) has 2 for sale in tungsten (I just checked) but then I am UK based so would only check UK stores.
Thanks for your feedback. I'm in the US and ordered from a store in Seattle, WA. I would have thought I would have gotten mine by now. That being said, I don't live in Seattle. I live in Alaska and will be down there next week, so I plan an in-person visit to ask what's going on. I suppose I may ask for a refund and buy elsewhere, just so I can get my hands on one sooner...I hope.
Searching through this thread, did not see what to be done with the static issue or what exactly this is? When center pickup is active, 2-4 position, if I touch the bottom pickup height screw it pops like a ground. Does not do this when I touch the top screw, does not doe this on any of the other pickups. It pops like a ground issue. If I have hands on the strings or the tremolo and touch the screw it still pops. Not sure if it is a static issue?
That's a grounding issue. Pull the pickguard off and PM a photo to me of the underside.
Hi Everyone, I have this exact same issue. Were you guys able to come up with a solution?
I'll jump in now. I pre-ordered a tungsten Silver Sky on the day they released to the public for pre-ordering and I'm still waiting. Is anyone else in the same boat? Just wondering.
I ordered mine "Tungsten" in Mar. and just received it last week from Sweetwater. Great guitar! I can't seem to put it down. Worth the wait.
I'll be interested to hear your comparison with the EJ Strat.

I have them both. I find the EJ a tad easier to play. For some strange reason to me, the thumb wrap seems more accessible on the EJ. Tonally, however, the Silver Sky is superior - to my ears. I find the Sky to be more vibrant and with a bit more, very smooth, treble and more, beautifully controlled, bass. The EJ seems built for more gain, with a bit more mid range. Also I find the EJ to be more compressed, somewhat stiffer. To me, the attack on the Sky makes it better suited for cleans. My EJ is also a tad heavier - no problem, but certainly noticeable. The neck of the Sky is smoother, but the rounder, chunkier shape of the EJ is more to my liking. That's not to say that the neck of the Sky is not good - it's actually superb. But the EJ is superb-er, if I may :) Definitely, the nitro formulas are different. The EJ is sticky, while the Sky is just sliding.

Overall, I love both guitars. If I want JM tone, definitely the Sky is the one. And, man, do I want JM tone...