The "Name" Thread

Scott Peterson said:
...I'm not the famous one.
I remember when all that was going on (and the fact that you were basically forced to address the name similarity), but honestly -- I hardly remember the details anymore.

As far as I'm concerned, you're the famous one. :mrgreen:
veinbuster said:
Letrow said:
Letrow= Ludovic Eduardo Tancratius Raymund Ottolaan and the w stands for my last name.
How did you have time to write all of that on exams in school?
I got away with the first one :lol:
It did save me a ticket once, late at night, when a cop started to write down all of my names and then gave up after a few moments.
hi guys, i'm here now too. :D
as most guysalready know:

Proxmax = Klaus
JMintzer said:
I thought it was Hippie? Now I'm confused... Hans on first?


No. Dinner first, then Hans on.

alantig => complicated transformation process => Alan