The mystery of the 94 CE24...

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    Hi guys, so in another thread I started about getting a neck and body of an 1994 emerald green CE24 off of ebay I started noticing a few quirks with it's construction. It has misaligned trem fulcrum screw holes that aren't in a straight line and also not 100% perpendicular to the pickups and general line of the strings which means the strings tend to favour towards the treble side of the neck if I don't shift the neck in the pocket towards the bass side when I attach it and the neck has also had to be shimmed at some point to get decent angle and setup.

    I've just noticed the neck sits deeper into the body than any other CE24 I've seen. Here is a photo of my 98 CE24 and every other CE24 I've seen joins the neck at the same fret, right on the 22nd fret at the top horn:


    Here is where the 94 neck joins the body, somewhere in between the 21st and 22nd frets:


    Pretty odd hey! The work on the top of the neck heel also seems a little sloppy and odd:


    To add to the list of oddments, the belly carve on the back is also visibly not smoothly done and has a few weird dips where it looks like a sander has slipped or something. Hard to capture right on camera but I could always attach a photo if need be.

    The guitar has taken a decent hit on the back of the lower bout and has been repaired there also. It's either been dropped or whacked against something at some point. Besides some visible cracks in the lacquer around the neck pocket on the back I can't see any evidence in the neck pocket that it is anything more than superficial.

    The only thing I can think of is some kind of weird repair to the guitar that could explain the neck sitting deeper into the neck pocket. It seems like way too many weird quirks to be all attributed to the PRS factory. The date on the neck heel indicates it being one of the last guitars of 94 and maybe of the old factory. All setup and it plays fine, quirks and all, and has a wonderful played in feel but I'm baffled by all the inconsistencies in the guitar compared to the two other CE24's I have (both made after 95 in the new factory).

    I would love to hear opinions from anyone that wants to speculate what might be the cause of all these inconsistencies?

    Here she is all setup and strung:

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    I LOVE the emerald PRS uses. I have a 97 emerald ce24.

    I've modded the hell out of it.

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