The lil Dragon won !


Luthier and Sound Sensei
Sep 30, 2022
Carlos has been my guitar hero since before I started playing 57 years ago . I got a new 79 Les Paul Custom and Mesa Boogie as my first electric rig to get his tone. ( still have both)

So it's no surprise despite it being the last in my collection , it was the one I most wanted. I'd been trying to hold out for the Rosewood Retro , but I fell in love with the Westies when I first saw them . The natural finish ones are an almost duplicate of one I made for a local artist years ago .. same Sapele top .

I've seen a green one , and a black one .. yawn .. to me ... My current commision artist is very partial to RED and I saw this lil gem ... well the llil Dragon won my heart . I wrestled with the CFO and at 1:30 am this morning by the light of the Full Moon, I became a dragon rider ! I went to the vendor's site and it was listed for $125 under the 'verb , still free shipping .. .no brainer .

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