The Jam Band thread

It seems entirely appropriate to post the news in this thread that JHS has reissued the Ross Compressor (amongst others). And yes I ordered one :p
Stanley Jordan use to Busk on the streets of Palo Alto when he started out I remember thinking wow , this cat is going to be huge ... ... Home Turf for the Dead , although they had moved across the Bay by then
The funny thing for me was, I was familiar with the Kean College version before I heard Stanley's but my immediate assumption was Stanley's was earlier. So when I heard Jordan do it, I looked up when he recorded it. Well, Magic Touch came out in '85...5 years AFTER the Kean College gig. So was it actually that Jordan heard Jerry play it first? There are some significant melodic and rhythmic similarities between the two that lead me to believe so.

Yes, these are the things I've spent way too much timing thinking about over the last 30 years. ;)