The Jam Band thread

That took forever and a day to get there but it did. I’m on the fence with Goose. Seems to be the common thing imo, flat vocals with stories that take a while to get what I’m looking for. Talented none the less but it’s just a little different than say the standard jam bands.

I was super into goose from 2019-mid 2021 and then they lost me. Great player but I find Ricks personality and attitude to be extremely off putting and after the BS of them booting Ben last month (who seemed like the most genuine member of the band) I’m even more off put

But I try not to be too much of a sourpuss lol
If anyone subscribes to Umphreys has been on absolute fire this 2024 tour. Glad Kris Meyers is recovered and back on drums. The fill ins the past several months made valiant efforts, but Meyer's shoes are difficult/impossible to fill