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Very good point about the economy. I know my guitar spree has come to a hault.. its not worth the dough when I have all my bases covered. Anything added these days is well beyond a want. As it is I have to be mindful to play everything I have on the regular. I've even thought about downsizing. Did I just type that out loud?!?! Get a rope!
Your economy is raging compared to ours. Your numbers on everything from Inflation to GDP to Unemployment are leading the post-pandemic recovery globally. I am jealous for sure, but I am more jealous of the value of the USD. Your dollar is $1.37 CAD today. Anything coming into Canada from the States (like a guitar) is adjusted with duty added. 😢

A Dusty Waring avec Floyd is just under $2900.00 USD at Sweetwater, but just under $4k CAD at Long and McQuade in Canada.

Maybe I am a bit sensitive to it because I found a used DW on L&M Gearhunter for $2200.00 CAD in "immaculate" condition yesterday, went back to buy it today and it was sold. I told myself I wasn't going to buy any more guitars, but when I saw the DW for that price I changed my mind.

Are there giveaways? More giveaways are always nice.

Here's some feedback if anyone is listening: More content would be good. I'm spending a lot of time learning all my newish PRS has to offer. More videos of tones, styles, combinations with pedals/amps/etc would be useful.
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