The First Official PRS Forum contest !!!!!!!!

[QUOTE = "veinbuster, post: 70888, membre: 783"] Et me voici avec une photo d'un dragon jaune assis à côté de mon vélo de sport jaune. Eh bien. [/ QUOTE]
And here I am with a picture of a yellow dragon sitting beside my yellow sport bike. Oh well.
lol is good! I also don't think that with a 2012 mazda and my McCarthy gold top on the hood will be eye-catching! I pass .....
I just got a big new shiny truck. Perhaps I will hang my Translucent Black Custom 24 on the mirror of the new big black truck just for a photo op for this zombie thread.
Cars and guitars... Ok. I'm a bit late I think, but here goes...

Here's what I could afford. Vintage Trans-am Firebird... Kinda fit together....

I think this is my favorite one so far 🤣
What a great topic to choose, "cars and guitars." Hope to see some awesome photos 👌🏼