The First Official PRS Forum contest !!!!!!!!

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I wanna see a photo of an serious offroad 4X4 with a PRS tied to the rack or brush guard.

oops i meant to reply with the quote. I'll try to get a pic up with my lifted Wrangler.
Here's my entry.

I'm going to weenie out and use this photo since it has been raining around here everyday for a week. This is the first nice day and I have to wear a suit and the grass still can't be cut, so no driving into the yard for another glamor shot. :biggrin: Mother nature is thumbing her nose at me. :mad:

Gorgeous guitars Pete. Way to match.

That Raspberry Dragon's Breath still visits my dreams. Sick guitar.

Kate will the Paisley Beast is as good as it gets. Nice picture Chris.
I forgot, got busy last weekend.
Would have liked to have snaged a shot with a guitar up in the tent sticking out.

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Come on, man! Someone needs to represent the offroad crowd.
Is that a Sky? Nice looking

Yep, thanks. GM made a few Sky Redlines with the racing stripe. I had just bought the Sky when I saw the Mira demo'd by J at a local clinic. I had to have it ... and still do!
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I have this book and it is REALLY cool. Many great shots of early PRS including closeups. It is also very hard to find.