The First Official PRS Forum contest !!!!!!!!

I don't think it's ever going to stop raining long enough to shoot any new pictures so here's one from a few years back. My car, my guitar, my child.


For the win
Can I get an official opinion as to whether or not my photo is within the rules? After reading (most of) the rules I'm concerned about "promoting an unsafe or dangerous activity" and "third party logos and trademarks".

No worries Daniel, you're good!
I'm glad Jesse asked to see this photo, because it lead me to discover that the folder it was in had escaped my filtering and indexing and might have otherwise been lost.
Anyways, taken as a quick joke on Brent: a guitar with NOT a car
Btw how come everyone here has at least one beautiful daughter?

Imagine what the future will be like when these girls start dating and they bring their guitar playing boyfriends home.... birth control will be completely unneeded, the guys will be too distracted by the harems of PRS guitars, and they will start asking: "So babe, when are we going to go visit your grandpa Markie?"
We got home a bit early for dinner after visiting a guitar store, so thought we'd have some fun before the rain comes tomorrow. Yes, I know only one entry is allowed, but they seemed like fun photos and who better to share them with.

Anybody else have someone who will buy you a guitar to match their hair?

and how about the perfect couple.
I've got a lifted Wrangler...........i may be able to make that happen!